Danielle Marceau

I cover the US economy and how businesses can use data for the future.

As a Senior Economist at Prevedere, I am extensively involved in consulting services, research & development, as well as sharing my industry expertise on economics, big data, leading indicators, and predictive analytics through public speaking, radio, and written media. In working with CFOs at Fortune 500 companies, I focus on how these themes can be used to improve business performance forecasting across different functions and roles in an organization using Prevedere software. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics from Westminster College.

  • 米消費者の買い物傾向、「実店舗よりオンライン」がより加速へ

    筆者は昨年末、年末年始の売れ行きは好調で、その勢いは2017年も続くだろうと予想していた。しかし年が明けると、百貨店大手のメイシーズやシアーズでホリデーシーズンの売上が振るわなかったと報じられ、消費者が支出を控えているように思える。ここで少し状況を整理しよう。全体的な数字を見ると、2016年のホリデ ...