Frank Ahrens

Author of "Seoul Man" and a former PR executive at Hyundai in Seoul.

I left my career as a business reporter and editor at The Washington Post to follow my diplomat wife to her State Department posting in South Korea. I spent three years running global PR for Hyundai Motor as the only American at company headquarters in Seoul. "Seoul Man" is the story of Hyundai, Korea and me all hitting our midlife crises at the same moment and trying to figure out our second acts. I currently work for BGR PR in Washington D.C., where I live with my family.

  • 破壊力抜群の「トランプ砲」 企業ができる備えと対策は?

    先週、日本企業と韓国政府が立て続けに、ドナルド・トランプ次期米大統領によるツイート攻撃、通称「トランプ砲」のあおりを受けた。トランプは5日の投稿で、トヨタ自動車に対し、メキシコで米国向けの自動車を製造する新工場の建設を進めれば「重い国境税」を課すと警告。またニューズウィーク誌は同日、韓国政府がトラン ...