Didem Tali

I cover retail, startups, and innovation in Europe and the Middle East

I am an Istanbul-based journalist passionate about economic development, technology, and social good. I have reported from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America for publications like Al Jazeera, BBC, Deutsche Welle, The Guardian, Financial Times, NPR, VICE and many more. My reporting regularly won me prestigious grants and fellowships. As a multilingual reporter, I think, write and interview in English, Turkish and Spanish, whilst currently trying to tackle German. I hold an MSc in Media, Communication and Development from the London School of Economics. I do believe that a well-told story can make a difference, which is why I can never pass a story about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship for social impact.

  • オンライン小売、今後は「配送サービス」が勝敗の決め手に

    オンラインで買い物をする際に、途中で買うのをやめたことはないだろうか。オンデマンド型デリバリープラットフォームのスチュアート(Stuart)による調査によると、それが各小売業者にとって手痛い打撃になっているようだ。実際、イギリスに限って見ても、消費者がお気に入りのハイストリート(繁華街の大通りにある ...