Michael Lewitt

I provide insights on economics, politics and markets.

I have over 25 years of securities industry and investment management experience. I am the editor of The Credit Strategist, a newsletter covering economics, politics and markets, and manage the Third Friday Total Return Fund, LP which combines event-driven credit investments with a disciplined options overlay. I am recognized as one of the few investors to have forecast the credit crisis of 2001-2002 and the global financial crisis of 2008, during which I successfully managed large credit portfolios. As co-founder of Harch Capital I managed portfolios for clients including Omega Advisers, Texas Teachers Retirement Plan, LA County Employee Retirement Association and Goldman Sachs Asset Management. I am also a published author and have appeared in The NY Times, The New Republic and many other publications. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University, received my JD and from NY University School of Law and was a PhD candidate at Yale University.

  • 欧州に潜む世界的危機の元凶 米大統領選どころではない大問題とは

    米経済には、取り立てて書き連ねるほどの問題はないかもしれない。だが、欧州経済は力を取り戻せないままだ。次の金融危機は、欧州発となる可能性が高い。中国経済が“崩壊”するよりも前に、その危機は訪れるかもしれない。一党独裁の中国は、内部の矛盾を取り繕うことができる(たとえ永遠にでは ...