Peter Lane Taylor

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I’ve always been an addicted to people who live their lives to the fullest. It’s in my own blood. Most people’s memories fade over time. Mine become more crystal clear every day because forgetting them would be unforgivable—you only get one shot at most of them. I’ve sailed to Antarctica, rappelled into an active volcano, shanked drives on the most exclusive golf courses in the US, eaten thymus cooked by one of the finest chefs in America, and smoked Cuban cigars in Havana’s cafes before most people even knew the Cold War had ended. I shoot the vintage Holland & Holland shotgun that my grandfather gave me every chance I get just because I can. The most adventurous and successful lives are lived without guilt, regret, or fear. I’m always looking for passionate stories, places, and people to write about at

  • ジカ熱防ぐフィットネスウェア「Nobitech」、ファッションの未来も変える?

    この春に事業を開始したノビテック(Nobitech)は、33歳の起業家、ベン・ウッドが率いるフィットネス・アパレル・メーカーだ。ジカ熱への感染を防ぐ機能を持つ衣類で、ファッション業界に新たな領域を切り開いたといえるかもしれない。先ごろ閉幕したリオデジャネイロ五輪に関連して、大きなニュースとして取り上 ...