Derek Xiao

I cover wealth in America, and occasionally everywhere else too.

I am working with the wealth team in San Francisco on the Forbes 400 this summer. Born in Canada, raised in California, and currently residing in Cambridge, I spent the past year as a first year student at Harvard College, studying government and economics. My interests—like the wide-ranging content of my posts—start and end with business and journalism but also deal with everything in between, including literature, law, history, politics, art, photography, design, and in case it were not apparent enough by now, long sentences.

  • 世界のIT長者 日本からZOZO前澤社長が資産2,600億円で初ランクイン

    テクノロジーで財を成したい起業家の多くは米シリコンバレーに向かうが、近年ではアジアの起業家も勢力を増している。フォーブスが8月10日公開した「世界IT長者トップ100人」のうち、アジアから選ばれたのは昨年と同じ33名だった。世界100名のうち、アジアでは中国本土から19名、香港から3名がランク入りし ...