Fraser Seitel

I write about strategic communication and crisis management.

I have been a communications consultant, commentator, author and teacher for 40 years. I am managing partner of Emerald Partners, a communications consultancy founded in 1992. In 22 years with The Chase Manhattan Corporation, I served as senior vice president and director of public affairs. I have served as adjunct professor of public relations in the School of Continuing and Professional Development at New York University since 2005. I am author of the Prentice-Hall textbook The Practice of Public Relations, now in its 12th edition, co-author of Rethinking Reputation and Idea Wise, and author of Public Relations and Promotional Writing which will be published and used in the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University ( in 2015. I can be reached at

  • 「嫌われ者」ヒラリーも簡単に変わる? 支持を得るための3つの策

    最も厳しく彼女を批判する人物として知られる米トークショー司会者、ラッシュ・リンボーはヒラリー・クリントンを「ラチェッド婦長」(映画「カッコーの巣の上で」に登場する絶対的な権力者)と呼ぶ。クリントンに心酔する支持者の一人、弁護士のラニー・デービスは彼女を、「一番の親友、一番善良な人」と呼ぶ。この両極端 ...