Ivona Iacob

I'm an intern with Forbes Opinion.

I am a rising junior at Yale College, majoring in Ethics, Politics and Economics. There I write for the college newspaper Yale Daily News and work with the Alumni Affairs Office at the Yale Law School. I also tutor Introductory Microeconomics. I hail from Timisoara, Romania, where I graduated from a Mathematics-Computer Science High School. I am interested in human rights, immigration laws and politics and I intend to pursue a Law degree after college. I spent last summer in Paris, France studying Private Law & Contract Enforcement.

  • 盗用疑惑のトランプ夫人、失敗は演説の他にも

    メラニア・トランプはこれまで、夫のドナルド・トランプの米大統領当選に向けた選挙運動で、夫のそばに静かに華を添えるだけで、演説は子供たちに譲っていた。だが今週開幕した共和党全国大会では初日の目玉として登場し、堂々と雄弁な演説を行った──ただその内容は、ミシェル・オバマ現大統領夫人が2008年に民主党全 ...