Wade Shepard


I spend my time traveling around Asia reporting on emerging markets, technological developments, and urbanization as seen from the ground. I have a particularly strong interest in new cities, China's shanzhai manufacturing ecosystem, and the new trade routes between China and Europe. I am the author of "Ghost Cities of China: The Story of Cities Without People in the World's Most Populated Country," a book which explores and explains the peculiar nuances of China's urbanization movement. I have been featured in, interviewed by, or appeared on CNBC Squawk Box, CBC The Current,, VICE, NPR Morning Edition, BBC World, among others. I am currently traveling the various land and sea routes of China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative, more romantically known as the New Silk Road, collecting information, insights, and stories for a book on the topic.

I travel to emerging markets around Asia and report on what I find.