David DiSalvo

I write about science, technology and the cultural ripples of both.

David DiSalvo is the author of "Brain Changer: How Harnessing Your Brain’s Power to Adapt Can Change Your Life" and the best-selling "What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite", which has been published in 10 languages. His work has appeared in Scientific American Mind, Forbes, Time, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Salon, Esquire, Mental Floss and other publications, and he’s the writer behind the widely read science and technology blogs “Neuropsyched” at Forbes and “Neuronarrative” at Psychology Today. He can be found on Twitter @neuronarrative and at his website, Contact him at: disalvowrites [at]

  • いつでもハッピーでいられるかは遺伝子で決まる? 30万人調査の結果公表

    私たちの「主観的幸福」に影響を及ぼす遺伝子が、約30万人を対象にした過去最大規模の調査によって特定された──私たちの幸福感や落胆、そうした心理的要素と遺伝子の関連性が、遠くない将来に解明されるかもしれない。科学誌「ネイチャー・ジェネティクス」に先ごろ掲載された論文によると、調査は17か国から190人 ...