Adam Hartung

I cover business growth & overcoming organizational obstacles.

I'm an expert on business growth and overcoming organizational obstacles to success. I do keynote speaking at conferences and management meetings, and a workshop leader for companies wanting to find their next growth engine. Author of "Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition" (Financial Times Press), a contributing editor for "International Journal of Innovation Science" and a leadership columnist for CIOMagazine and ComputerWorld. Currently serve as Audit Chair for 6D Global, and am CEO of Soparfilm Energy E&P company as well as Content Laboratory, a communications services company and coms software provider. Former head of business development for Pepsico and Dupont, consultant with The Boston Consulting Group. Harvard MBA. Live in Chicago.

  • 世界のPC売上げ減少止まらず――もう興味ないですか?

    IT分野の調査企業IDCとガートナーが2016年第1四半期(Q1)の世界PC出荷台数に関する調査結果を発表した。それによるとPCの出荷台数は9.5%~11.5%減少した。世界のPC出荷台数は6四半期連続で下降しており、9年前の2007年と同水準に落ち込んでいる。2007年といえば、iPhoneが登場 ...