Avik S. A. Roy

Commentary on politics & policy from Forbes’ Opinion Editor.

I am Forbes' Opinion Editor. I am a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and the author of Transcending Obamacare and How Medicaid Fails the Poor. I've served as a policy advisor to three presidential candidates: Marco Rubio and Rick Perry in 2016, and Mitt Romney in 2012. I'm on Twitter at @Avik. In addition to my writing at Forbes, I sometimes write for National Review. My work has also appeared in National Affairs, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Atlantic, and other publications. I'm often on cable news; you can find a collection of my TV clips at For an archive of my writing prior to February 2011, please visit Professionally, I'm the founder of Roy Healthcare Research, an investment and policy research firm. In this role, I sometimes serve as a paid advisor to health care investors and industry stakeholders. Previously, I worked as an analyst and portfolio manager at J.P. Morgan, Bain Capital, and other firms.

  • トランプ勝利は遠のいた? 最新の予備選結果は流れを変えたのか

    米大統領選で共和党の候補者を目指すテッド・クルーズは、4月5日に行われたウィスコンシン州の予備選で勝利を収めた。これは、延々と伝え続けられるニュースのなかのある一日、あるいは(各候補の)「勢い」の問題にとどまる出来事ではない。クルーズはこの日、わずか数週間前には不可能とみられていたことを成し遂げた。 ...