Yuelun Sun

I help cover Asia stories on top entrepreneurs and enterprises.

I work with Forbes Asia’s editorial team and help cover Asia stories on top entrepreneurs and enterprises with a focus on Greater China and Japan. A native of China, I grew up in Beijing and spent my undergraduate years at Waseda University in Tokyo. Now based in NYC, I earned my Master’s degree from New York University. Before joining Forbes, I had experience in writing about the business of luxury and culture in China at a NY-based Chinese daily. Prior to that, I assisted the advertising department with account planning at a Japanese weekly. I speak fluent Japanese - along with English and my native language of Mandarin Chinese. Please feel free to reach me at

  • 日本長者番付、美容業界の富豪らが隆盛

    今年の日本長者番付は、「人を美しくすること」が大きなビジネスであることを証明した。初めてリストに名前が挙がった人の中で最多の資産を保有する富豪と、資産の増加率で一位だった富豪はいずれも、化粧品・美容関連製品を扱う事業に携わる人たちだった。化粧品製造・販売のコーセーを経営する小林家の3兄弟(19位、資 ...