Emily Mullin

I write about the intersection of health and humanity.

I am a freelance science writer who seeks to explore the intersection of health and humanity. I have written about public and global health, neuroscience, genomics, regenerative medicine, aging, rare diseases, cancer and science policy, among other topics. I hold an MA in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University, and my stories have appeared in The Washington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, The Atlantic, Baltimore Sun, Pacific Standard and U.S. News & World Report. Previously, I served as associate editor at FierceBiotech, where I covered drug discovery breakthroughs, preclinical research and R&D funding for the weekly industry newsletter FierceBiotechResearch. Before that, I was a reporter for the Baltimore Business Journal, where I covered healthcare and biotechnology. I am passionate about science literacy, SciArt and the integration of science and theater.

  • 「天才児」の研究が自閉症の秘密を解明? 米研究者が新著

    天才児とその家族に関する調査を14年間にわたって行ってきた米オハイオ州立大学心理学部のジョアン・ルスサッツ助教授はこのほど、社会学者でジャーナリストでもある娘のキンバリー・スティーブンスと共著で、「The Prodigy’s Cousin」(天才児のいとこ)を出版した。自閉症と天才児との ...