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Lauren Feiner

I write about how money impacts the college experience.

A native New Yorker, I move at a fast pace and devour news along the way. At the University of Pennsylvania, I am a rising junior studying communications and creative writing. I am also the City News Editor of our independent newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanian and have previously written for the New York Observer. A Forbes intern this summer, I write about the ways in which financial pressures impact the higher education experience and beyond. Whether in choosing a major or a social circle, money is a constant decision factor for some. Follow me as I uncover these stories @lauren_feiner.

  • 米大学で進む教科書の電子化 市場規模は1000億円以上

    米国の大学の教科書販売のマーケットは10億ドル(約1,220億円)以上の規模だ。学生らは新学期が始まるたびに、何百ドルも支払って、数カ月経てば2度と開くことはないであろう教科書を購入しなくてはならないのだ。 なぜ大学の教科書はこれほど高額なのだろうか。簡単に言えば、高くても売れるからだ。 全米大学書 ...