Laurie Laird

I cover macroeconomics and the corporate scene in the UK and EU.

I have been a financial journalist for more years than I’ll ever admit. I started in New York before settling in London, with diversions to Moscow and Hong Kong, where I helped launch CNBC in Asia. I have a fascination with the financial markets – equity, foreign exchange and fixed income – and with the economic and political events that influence trading. More recently, I’ve been following financial developments on the African continent as part of my role as a senior producer at pan-African television network. I also attend closed-door briefing sessions with UK national statisticians ahead of market-moving economic data releases.

  • ECB追加緩和に市場は失望 フォワードガイダンスの価値に疑問投げ掛ける

    「市場が誤解した」欧州中央銀行(ECB)のコンスタンシオ副総裁はCNBCの番組に対し、ECBが今週初めに発表した予想外に中途半端な追加緩和策に市場が激しく反応したことを受け、市場の期待が見当はずれだったに過ぎないとの見解を示した。ECBは中銀預金金利をマイナス0.3%と0.1%ポイント引き下げるとと ...