Jean-Pierre Lehmann

I write about Asian dynamics in the context of global disorder.

East Asians speak of other East Asians they consider too Occidentalised as “bananas” – yellow outside, white inside. I may be the opposite. Though European (French) I have spent much of my long life living, visiting, studying, reading about, making friends, teaching on and in Asia: in East Asia since the early 60s (Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the ASEAN countries), China since the early 1980s, also South Asia (I first visited Bangladesh when it was still East Pakistan and have returned frequently since, as well as frequently and regularly to India and occasionally Pakistan), and more recently West Asia (Iran, Jordan, Palestine and the GCC). Emeritus Professor at IMD, Lausanne (Switzerland), I founded The Evian Group in 1995, and am currently Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and at NIIT University in Neemrana, Rajasthan (India).

  • アジアがGDP至上主義から抜け出すために

    地球は混迷の中を漂っているようだ。その原因の一つは、人類が人間性を失っていることだ。我々の他人や自然に対する付き合い方は、人間らしくなくなってきた。ここ数十年の間、貧困の撲滅について一定の成果を挙げてきたとはいえ、貧困や苦痛とは今も隣合わせにあり、経済成長に対する期待のみが膨らむ。しかし、経済成長と ...