Brett Owens

I find dividend payers that are deals thanks to being out-of-favor.

I graduated from Cornell University and soon thereafter left Corporate America permanently at age 26 to co-found two successful SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Today they serve more than 26,000 business users combined. I took my software profits and started investing in dividend-paying stocks. Today, it’s almost impossible to find good stocks that pay a quality yield. So I employ a contrarian approach to locate high payouts that are available thanks to some sort of broader misjudgment. Renowned billionaire investor Howard Marks called this “second-level thinking.” It’s looking past the consensus belief about an investment to map out a range of probabilities to locate value. It is possible to find secure yields of 6% or more in today’s market – it just requires a second-level mindset.

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    それはもう確実だ:ゼロ金利時代は間もなく葬り去られる。銀行口座にたんまり預金を持っている人には悪い知らせだが、もしあなたが金融株に投資しているなら朗報だ。そして今こそ、銀行株へ投資するときだ。これは私だけの見解ではない。ウォーレン・バフェットといった名だたる投資家たちも賛同している。彼らはここ最近、 ...