Steve Pociask

I cover regulatory policies that affect consumers and the economy.

I am president and CEO of the American Consumer Institute (ACI), a consumer-focused nonprofit educational and research organization. For over thirty years, I have been involved in economy policy research, covering a variety of issues, including information technology, energy, insurance and healthcare. I was recently reappointed by the FCC Chairman to its Consumer Advocacy Committee, where I participate on the committee’s Broadband, Privacy and IP-transition working groups – the latter of which I chair. Before Joining ACI, I was chief economist for several independent consulting organizations, where I wrote on a number of regulatory topics, including three books for the Economic Policy Institute. I have authored reports for the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy on telecommunications and Internet use, and I testified before Congress on regulation and legislation. Prior to consulting, over twenty years ago, I was chief economist for the Bell Atlantic Corporation. I have completed my Ph.D. coursework in economics and have an M.A. in economics from George Mason University.

  • ワイヤレスとインターネット税の抑制がテクノロジーの未来を左右する

    インターネットの進化に待ったをかける動きがある。アメリカ議会がインターネットへの新たな課税導入を検討しているのだ。インターネット接続サービスはInternet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) および付随する法律によって課税対象から外されているが、その保護期間が2015年12月11日に期 ...