Kavin Senapathy

Kavin Senapathy |CONTRIBUTOR

I am an author, public speaker and science activist writing about health, medicine, genomics, agriculture, and food. I’m the co-founder of international pro-science, pro-biotech movement March Against Myths, and co-author of “The Fear Babe: Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House”, a book discussing popular food misconceptions and why they proliferate in the face of mountains of evidence against them. With a passion for refuting misconceptions popular in the wild, wild internet west, my work has appeared in Gawker and Slate, and I am a regular contributor to Genetic Literacy Project, and evidence-based parenting site, Grounded Parents. I believe that swaying someone from unscientific opinions is a marathon, not a sprint. I strive to be kind, while reserving well-deserved vitriol for anti-science bigwigs and the most famous of misinformation vectors. Photo by Patricia LaPointe

I bust myths on science, health and food, and combat quackery.