H.O. Maycotte

I write about data, the Austin tech scene and startup best practices.

I am the founder and CEO of Umbel, a data rights management company headquartered in Austin, TX. I am also a veteran of 8 tech start-ups and the former CTO of The Texas Tribune, where the potential uses of, yet lack of ability to ethically collect, user data first reared its head. Since 2010, I've been working closely with clients ranging from publishers to sports teams to collect non-anonymized customer data at scale and with user permission. For Umbel, it's about data collection and use transparency, security and actionability. Big data should never undermine personal agency for brands or their customers. We're making sure it doesn't.

  • ネットワーク作りの時間がない?優先順位を考え直すべき

    資金調達、雇用、商品開発、経営面での成長。これらは新興企業のCEOにとって確かに重要な問題だ。CEOの業務において優先度の高いこれらの責務に、私はみなさんが想定しないようなものを加える。それはネットワーク作りだ。あなたがそこらの多くの幹部だったら、ネットワーク作りの考えなど、はねつけるだろう。すべて ...