Lisa Brownlee


I am an independent legal scholar and author with West (Thomson Reuters), writing and lecturing about global intellectual property, technology and security/privacy laws and their impacts on business. I authored and update annually Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions: Investment, Risk Assessment and Management. I have represented a large contingent of Forbes Global 2000 companies in international mergers and acquisitions, computer/information security and privacy, and anticounterfeiting. My work has appeared in ArsTechnica, the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal, the Trademark Reporter, and the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society.

  • ヨーロッパでハイパーリンクに課金される日が近い?

    ヨーロッパで、EU域内における米国企業の自由な経済活動を阻害しかねない新たな火種が明らかになってきた。リークされた著作権法に関する欧州委員会の原案によると、「欧州委員会は”公衆への公開権”と”(著作権者の)許諾権”について法整備の要否を判断する」とあり ...