Henry I. Miller

I debunk junk science and flawed public policy.

I've had three distinct careers: biomedical scientist; FDA drug regulator; and scholar at the Hoover Institution, a think-tank at Stanford University. During the first of these, I worked on various aspects of gene expression and regulation in viruses and mammalian cells. I was the co-discoverer of a critical enzyme in the influenza (flu) virus. While at the FDA, I was the medical reviewer for the first genetically engineered drugs and thus instrumental in the rapid licensing of human insulin and human growth hormone. Thereafter, I was a special assistant to the FDA commissioner and the founding director of the FDA's Office of Biotechnology. Since coming to the Hoover Institution, I have become well known for both contributions to peer-reviewed scholarly journals and for articles and books that make science, medicine, and technology accessible to non-experts. I have written four books and about 2,000 articles. I appear regularly on various nationally syndicated radio programs. My most frequent topics include genetic engineering, pharmaceutical development, and the debunking of various manifestions of junk science.

  • オーガニックはなぜ「邪悪」になったのか

    オーガニック食品業界はここ10年ほど、ブームに沸いてきた。米国内の農家が生産する有機栽培の作物の売上高は2007~12年の間に83%増加。オーガニック製品は高価で、従来の作物や製品より優れているとの主張が正しいことを示す客観的な根拠がほとんどないにもかかわらず、食品からリネン類、枕、衣服、さらにはタ ...