Sophia Waterfield


Sophia is a freelance journalist covering healthcare policy in Western Europe and is based in the U.K. For a decade she has followed and written on trends from the healthcare industry as well as technology and social affairs. As a journalist she writes for publications such as Newsweek, New Scientist, Metro UK and many more, and has worked for Qualcomm Life, St. Jude’s Medical (now part of Abbott) and Action Aid as a communication consultant. Sophia is interested in stories pertaining to healthcare policy in the U.K. and Western Europe, including government announcements, drug development, trials and launches, and other related areas. She has a passion for policy that impacts mental illness and invisible disabilities.

  • 室内の空気改善には観葉植物? 窓を開ける方が効果的との新調査

    家や職場の環境をより清浄化するため、観葉植物を購入することを考えているだろうか?ドレクセル大学が行った調査によると、観葉植物が空気の質を改善できるとしていたこれまでの主張は「大いに誇張されている」ことが判明した。米ペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィアにあるドレクセル大学工学部のマイケル・ウェアリング准教 ...