Chloe Demrovsky

I am the president and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), where I help organizations prepare for and recover from disasters both natural and manmade. Through DRI and as an adjunct professor at New York University, I have worked with the public, private and nonprofit sectors across five continents to promote resilience and sustainability. I have traveled to and given speeches on crisis management and business risk in 45-plus countries, have appeared on Bloomberg, MSNBC and Fox, and served as an expert source for Associated Press, USA Today, LA Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Quartz and more. I actively seek exciting challenges and explore opportunities posed by new ideas and disruptive technologies. On a personal note, I’m a third-culture kid, which has made me adaptable to change and complexity, as well as an avid reader, which helps me process the world with perspective and humor.

  • 猛威を振るう森林火災、企業が学べる3つのこと

    米カリフォルニア州で発生した山火事は徐々に収拾に向かっているが、オーストラリアの森林火災は依然として続いている。あなたの会社の事業に文字通り火の手が迫っていなくとも、ビジネスリーダーは自然災害への備えから重要なことを学べる。以下に、責任があり持続可能な行動を取ろうと努力する企業が学べる3つの教訓を紹 ...