Anne Glusker


I’m the deputy editor of the Forbes Leadership Channel, and I have a passion for storytelling of all kinds and a great interest in the less-explored aspects of leadership, including the effects of our emotional lives on our workplace interactions. A longtime journalist with experience in digital, print, and radio, I've been an editor at the Washington Post and Smithsonian, and have written for the New York Times, the British Medical Journal, O: The Oprah Magazine, and many other outlets. My curiosity has led me from the halls of the National Institute of Health to discuss the brain and behavior to an out-of-the-way French winemaking town to look into an obscure grape to the South Bronx to interview kids orphaned by 9-11.

  • 米国の法人向け法律事務所トップ243社 フォーブスが初のリスト発表

    米国の実業界が文化やテクノロジーなどさまざまな側面で変貌を遂げ、全く新しい分野のビジネスも出現する中、法人向け法律事務所もそれに合わせて変化し、テクノロジーの利用方法を見直したり、ブロックチェーンマネジメントやサイバーセキュリティー、そして大麻といった新領域へと参入したりしている。米国には現在、4万 ...