Bridget Shirvell

I’m a NY-based freelance writer covering food, technology and the environment. My work has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Civil Eats, PBS NewsHour and more. As the former digital strategy at Edible Brooklyn I worked closely with the Editor-in-Chief to develop editorial content around the magazine’s annual Food Loves Tech event, reporting on urban farms, food waste and other issues relating to how technology is changing our food system. When not editing, reporting or writing, you will often find me exploring new places through their food markets, dreaming about the beach and attempting to wrangle my golden retriever into proper behavior.

  • 半数以上が植物由来食品を取り入れ 環境意識高いミレニアル世代

    食生活が現在、大きな注目を集めている。食品ブランドやレストラン、食事配送キット、公立の学校、あるいは米大統領候補まで、あらゆる人が植物由来の食品を話題にしている。英世論調査会社ユーガブ(YouGov)と米アマゾン傘下の高級スーパー、ホールフーズ・マーケットによる新たな調査では、ミレニアル世代の63% ...