Mario Abad

I write about global fashion businesses in the designer/luxury market.

I'm passionate about the intersection of fashion, retail and business. From legacy megabrands to independent luxury designers, I cover all facets of how brands are operating and adapting in today's fast-paced, always-changing climate. I'm constantly keeping up with the news cycle, from quarterly earnings reports to the ready-to-wear shows, I bring an analytical eye to fashion's creative and financial output. As a fashion journalist, I enjoy speaking with industry leaders and executives who are making change happen.

  • 高級ブランド大手LVMHの高成長が続く理由

    フランスのラグジュアリー企業体LVMHモエ・ヘネシー・ルイ・ヴィトン(以降、LVMH)が4月10日、2019年1月から3月までの四半期決算を発表。今回も2桁の成長率を記録したことがわかった。同社傘下の各ブランドが好調であることの証しだ。LVMHの2019年第1四半期の総売上高は、前年同期比でおよそ1 ...