Christian Weller


I am a professor of public policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. I joined academia in 2007 after working full time in Washington, DC, think tanks for almost a decade. My research has focused on retirement issues, including Social Security, private and public pensions and retirement savings such as 401(k) accounts for the past two decades. I have written and published extensively on retirement issues, including my recent book Retirement on the Rocks. My goal is to support retirement policy through meaningful research, especially in a time of growing economic risks that both increase the need for more savings and make it harder for people to save. I regularly speak to a wide variety of audiences such as financial service providers, union leaders and retirement activists and I frequently appear on national radio and TV.

  • アフリカ系米国人の資産は白人の1割ほど 格差はなぜ縮まらない?

    今年は、捕らわれたアフリカ人が米バージニア州に到着し奴隷として売られてから400年の節目の年だ。アフリカ系米国人は、人種差別と組織的な障壁にもかかわらず偉業を達成し続けている。しかし、大きな進歩が達成された400年後の現在でも、アフリカ系米国人は白人系と同じ経済的安定性や裕福になる機会を得られていな ...