Tom Ark

I write about the future of learning, work and human development.

Tom Vander Ark is an advocate for innovations in learning. As CEO of Getting Smart, he advises school districts, networks, foundations and learning organizations on the path forward. A prolific writer and speaker, Tom is author of "Getting Smart"; "Smart Cities That Work for Everyone"; "Smart Parents"; and "Better Together." He has published thousands of articles, co-authored and contributed to more than 50 books and white papers. Previously, Tom served as the first executive director of education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a public school superintendent in Washington State and has extensive private sector experience. Tom also cofounded the first education venture fund, Learn Capital. Tom is Board Chair of Charter Board Partners, Director for 4.0 Schools, Digital Learning Institute, eduInnovation and Imagination Foundation and a Advisor for One Stone, Teton Science Schools and Whittle School & Studios.

  • 中国の「英語学習ブーム」を象徴する、30億ドル企業VIPKidの躍進

    中国の北京本拠のオンライン教育プラットフォーム「VIPKid」の企業価値は、30億ドルに達している。VIPKidは50万人以上の中国の学生らを顧客として抱え、6万5000名の米国人教師が英語を教えている。2013年創業のVIPKidはこれまで、累計で8億2500万ドル(約920億円)を調達した。昨年 ...