Dave Altavilla

I cover break-out tech in mobile, on desktop and in the data center.

Dave Altavilla has lived and breathed the Semiconductor and Computing industries for over 18 years as a Field Sales Engineer and Global Account Manager for private rep organizations, Industrial Distributors, System Integrators and factory-direct at leading Silicon Valley OEMs. In tandem, he has served nearly two decades as a journalist in the Computing industry and its adjacent markets. He is also Principal Analyst at HotTech Vision And Analysis, a computing industry research and consulting firm that specializes in testing, validation and go-to-market strategies for major brand name OEMs. Follow Dave's work at https://www.facebook.com/HotHardware, or Twitter/@Hothardware. And check out https://hothardware.com and https://www.hottech.com for a look at tech on the cutting-edge. Tip Dave a scoop at: davea(at)hothardware.com

  • インテルも「折りたたみ式」端末を計画か、特許資料で判明

    ここ数カ月で、折りたたみ式ディスプレイに関するニュースを度々耳にするようになった。サムスンやLG、シャオミなどのメーカーが、様々なコンセプトを発表している。そんな中、チップメーカーとして知られるインテルが、2017年6月に折りたたみ式のデバイスの特許を取得していたことが明るみに出た。この端末は3つ折 ...