Randy Brown

I am passionate about investing, innovation, business and adventure

I am an insurance asset management industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience at global financial firms. As CIO of Sun Life Financial, I lead a 240+ global investment team in managing $100+ billion in Sun Life’s own insurance assets, as well as helping to build Sun Life Investment Management (a third-party institutional asset management business). Being an asset owner and manager was a compelling draw to me. My career has taken me to the U.S., Canada, Asia and the UK. I have a BSc and MS of Engineering, both in Electrical Engineering, from Cornell University – which explains my passion for innovation and technology. I also have an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School (Lester B. Knight Scholar). My greatest achievements are my three children, and the adventures I share with my wife of 30 years. Heli-skiing is next on my bucket list!

  • 投資家が2019年に注目すべき10のこと

    たとえあなたが米国の著名投資家ウォーレン・バフェットでも、市場でこれから何が起きるかを知ることはできない。ただ、2019年の投資分野が世界的な経済成長の鈍化や地政学的な問題、中央銀行による金融引き締め、米政権がもたらす政治の先行きの不透明感といった問題に支配されることは、「水晶玉」がなくても分かる。 ...