Jon Levy


I am the behavioral scientist specializing in influence and decision making, and yes, I’m somehow analyzing you right now. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, and how we can use this knowledge to improve our personal and professional lives. I work with C Lab out of Kellogg School of Management where we get run experiments asking challenging andfascinatingg questions. My research lead to the creation of The Influencers, a private dining experience and community of the most important leaders and tastemakers across industry. When I’m not doing research, speaking, or convincing people to cook me dinner, I travel the world learning about adventure, which is why I wrote the book "The 2 AM Principle: Discover The Science of Adventure." (Yes, I was the guy who was crushed and almost killed by a bull in Pamplona, Spain.)

  • 健康の秘訣は「コミュニティー」 他人とのつながりが人を強くする

    健康と体形を保つ方法は比較的シンプルだ。脂肪分の多いジャンクフードを避け、定期的に運動をすること。問題なのは、方法を知っているか否かではなく、それを行動に移せるかどうかだ。ジム通いを習慣にするのはなぜこんなにも難しいのだろう。温かく心地いいベッドやネットフリックスが原因かもしれないが、健康に最も大き ...