Tara Swart


I am a neuroscientist and leadership adviser who works with leaders worldwide to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, improve their ability to manage stress, regulate emotions and retain information. I am the only top-tier leadership coach with both a PhD in neuroscience and former medical career in psychiatry. My Oxford University and King’s College London education and my continued roles at MIT and KCL ensure I remain at the forefront of the latest developments in neuroscience. I specialise in sectors facing particular levels of stress or change. I believe that a basic understanding of neuroscience and brain health can lead us to more productive and happier lives both personally and professionally. In addition to my consulting work, I am the author of the award-winning book, Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing the Brain Gain Advantage and am also the very first Neuroscientist-in-Residence at the Corinthia Hotel, London. You can pre-order my new book, ‘The Source - Change Your Mind, Change Your Life’ now at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1785041991

  • 正しい睡眠で脳機能改善 実践すべき5つの方法

    あなたは昨晩、良く眠れた? 目覚めはすっきり? それとも疲れが抜けていない?全米睡眠財団(NSF)の報告書によれば、一般的な成人に最適な睡眠時間は1日7〜9時間で、これを確保できなければ脳の機能に支障が生じてしまうのだという。この基準は睡眠科学の第一線に立つ学者18人の意見に基づいたもので、報告書で ...