Suzie Dundas

I'm a Lake Tahoe-based professional writer and decidedly non-professional outdoor enthusiast.

On Forbes, I write about the process of how unique consumer products go from ideas to fruition, from specialized ski gear to groundbreaking technological inventions. I'm originally from the east coast, with a master's degree in media from George Washington University. Prior to writing, I worked in corporate marketing and PR for many years and became familiar with the process of products and services becoming consumer reality. Now, I write for Playboy, Fodors, theBillfold, and more. When I'm not on my laptop, you can find me outside on the trails and mountains of northern California, usually with my camera and four-legged sidekick.

  • 認識進むプラごみ問題 自然素材を活用した新たな代替策3選

    近年実施された複数の調査では、数百万トンのプラスチックが毎年海に流出しているとされ、メディアでは使い捨てプラスチックの問題が頻繁に取り上げられるようになった。米市場調査会社ニールセンの2018年消費者調査によると、全ての世代の購入者の大多数は、持続可能な素材を含む商品には追加で出費してもよいと考えて ...