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I've been a technology analyst for the last 15 years, covering digital media, TV, connected consumer, publishing and new emerging technologies such as 3D printing and crowdfunding. I was the founding VP of Research at GigaOM and recently founded my own company, NextMarket Insights. Follow my posts here by clicking "+ Follow" link under my name, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, or listen to my podcast conversations with technology makers and breakers at Soundcloud.
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  • テクノロジーが崩壊しつつある現代の食卓の救世主になる方法

    今どきの子どもをもつ親として、夕食時に子どもの関心をこちらに向けさせるのは至難の業だ。iPhoneやiPad、iPodなど、電子機器のスクリーンから顔をあげさせて、フォークを持たせるのに一苦労だ。テクノロジーは食事の妨げになるだけでなく、ともすれば食事の時間そのものを奪ってしまう。私も妻も、家族の憩 ...