Tricia Emerson

I write about behavior change and culture in organizations.

I founded Emerson Human Capital Consulting in 2001 because organizational change is hard. It demands dedicated focus by full-time employees who are experts in human behavior. My team executes business strategy for clients, including Fortune 500 companies. I began my career in 1989 helping a Big Five firm start and build its change management practice long before it was called change management. I advise the C-suite and write about positioning and executing big change in organizations. I am the author of "The Change Book," "The Learning and Development Book," and "The Technology Change Book." Follow me on Twitter @Trish_ehc.

  • 気が合う人材でも「組織のがん」に 解雇の必要性を示す3つの兆候

    リーダーという立場でつらいことのひとつは、自分が気に入っている人間を解雇せざるを得ない場合があること。これは多くの意味でつらい。解雇される従業員は、上司であるあなたや今の職場が好きなのかもしれない。場合によっては業務外であなたと友人関係にある人かもしれないし、善良な心を持つ努力家であるかもしれない。 ...