Tim Romeo

I'm a Tokyo-based founder, consultant, author, and teacher and host the Disrupting Japan podcast. I also teach corporate innovation at NYU's Shinagawa campus.

I’m a Tokyo-based innovator, author, and entrepreneur. I’ve started four companies in Japan and led market entry for others since moving here more than 25 years ago. I teach corporate innovation and entrepreneurship at the NYU Shinagawa campus, and work with enterprises clients to develop new, scalable business models. I’m currently CTO of TEPCO’s Business Innovation Task Force, and in my copious free time host the Disrupting Japan podcast which focuses on Japanese startups and innovation. I’ve been deeply involved in Japan's startup community since before there was a community and am active as an investor, founder and mentor. There is amazing innovation happening in Japan right now, and I believe Japan’s best years lie ahead.

  • 「残業監視ドローン」のスタートアップが示した日本の現実

    日本企業の残業時間の長さは世界的に有名だ。従業員が深夜までオフィスに居残り続ける光景は日常的になっている。日本のドローン関連のスタートアップ「ブルーイノベーション(Blue Innovation)」はテクノロジーの力でこの課題を解決しようとした。同社のドローンを活用した残業監視サービス「T-FREN ...