Bill Retherford

I’m a multimedia journalist who loves to write about science—especially space.

As a writer and producer of TV and radio documentaries, I’m a four-time Emmy Award winner, the recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Writing, a five-time winner of first place honors from the Society of Professional Journalists, and the first place winner of the Television Environmental Reporting Award from the Society of Environmental Journalists. As a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow, I received my Master of Arts in Science Journalism from Columbia University in New York, and won the Columbia University Science Thesis Prize for Little Green Men—The Scientific Search for Extraterrestrials, now available as an Amazon Kindle Single. I live in New York City. Friend me on Facebook and follow me @BillRford on Twitter.

  • 「地球外生命体」が居るかもしれない53の惑星のカタログ

    地球外生命体がいるかもしれない「系外惑星」は分かっているだけで53も存在する。系外惑星は恒星の周りを回る太陽系の外にある惑星で、今のところ3730が確認されている。「これらの星には、生命が存在できる潜在的可能性がある」と、プエルトリコ大学アレシボ校の惑星宇宙生物学者アベル・メンデスは述べる。メンデス ...