Aakash Kumar


I serve as the Founder & CEO of Shiftsmart, a worker-centric Internet platform that enables individual workers to intelligently discover and manage an optimal set of shifts across multiple employers based on their preferences, qualifications and performance. I created Shiftsmart to empower the rapidly-expanding contingent workforce and help usher in a future where they can work exclusively based on their preferences – be it schedule or work type, and employers can more effectively source labor and manage their workforce. As such, I have a front-row seat to the profound changes impacting labor markets in the US and around the world. Prior to founding the company, I worked at Google on behalf of the executive leadership team for the Google Cloud Platform and Google’s consumer hardware team and worked extensively with the labor dynamics of managing staffing companies and large distributed workforces. Prior to Google, I worked as a management consultant at Booz & Co. based out of NYC focused exclusively on consumer and retail clients.

  • スタバを去るH・シュルツ 労働市場に残した輝かしい功績

    米スターバックスのハワード・シュルツ会長が4日、退任を発表した。これにより彼は、スタバを小さなコーヒー店チェーンから、世界有数の認知度と顧客忠誠度を誇るブランドへと育て上げた起業家としての目覚ましいキャリアに幕を閉じた。シュルツが同社に加わったのは1980年代前半。1987年に同社を買収し、30年か ...