Megan C Hills

I cover the boom of new media, especially in the YouTube realm.

I am a digital journalist based in London and Hong Kong covering new media, especially in the YouTube space. I've written internationally for the likes of Marie Claire UK, InStyle UK, VICE, Hong Kong Tatler amongst others. I also have a strong background in women's lifestyle covering fashion, beauty, travel and entertainment. I trained as a writer at the University of Warwick where I was taught to write poetry, throw snowballs at walls and sword fight, then more seriously as a journalist at London College of Communication where I focused on the business and ethics of new media.

  • 米国10代のフェイスブック離れ鮮明、利用率は50%に低下

    米国の10代をターゲットに広報戦略を練るマーケティング担当者らは、ユーチューブの重要性を再認識したほうがいいかもしれない──。シンクタンク「ピュー研究所」の最新調査によると、米国の若者たちのユーチューブの利用率は他のソーシャルメディアを大幅に上回っている。その一方、フェイスブックの利用率は大きく低下 ...