Robin Seaton Jefferson


I was the girl who stayed at grandma’s table after the others went out to play. I relished stories like grandpa’s tale of the American Indian woman who was laid to rest along the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas in an area that would become his front yard. I grew to become the young reporter who covered health and senior issues for the St. Charles bureau of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Much of my professional life has been recognizing and reporting the richness of the stories older adults have to tell and the gravity of their counsel. I have covered news and features in science, medical, financial, business, and lifestyle writing for International Medical News Group IMNG (now Frontline Medical Communications),,,, StreetScape Magazine, St. Charles Business Magazine,, St. Charles County Business Record and others. I write the stories of people’s lives, so others know they lived. Follow me on Twitter at or email me at

  • アルツハイマー病のコスト、米国では2050年には1兆ドル以上に

    米国では現在、65秒に1人がアルツハイマー病を発症している。今世紀半ばまでには、33秒に1人にまで加速する見込みだという。米アルツハイマー病協会によれば、同国のアルツハイマー病患者数は現在、推計570万人だ。このうちおよそ550万人が65歳以上、約20万人が65歳未満(若年性アルツハイマー病)となっ ...