Paul Earle


I am an Adjunct Lecturer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and Principal of Paul Earle & Co. (, a modern collective of business starters, creative professionals, innovation experts, and investors dedicated to helping top corporations grow through what we call Applied Entrepreneurship™. I also host a podcast series called Origin Stories of Innovation™. As both a serial entrepreneur and, more recently in life, an academician, I am deeply interested in understanding how great things begin. What are the insights, the sparks, the external conditions, the internal machinations and dynamics that lead to the birth of new brands and institutions that matter? I have not embarked on this quest strictly as a historian, however; my mission is primarily to leverage this knowledge to inspire future creation. Thanks for visiting.

  • 「肉を超えた」野菜バーガー 徹底的こだわりが成功の鍵に

    「人生でやる価値のあることは全て、やり過ぎる価値がある。適度にやるのは臆病者のすることだ」。これは、米海軍特殊部隊「ネイビーシールズ」の実話に基づいた2013年の映画『ローン・サバイバー』で登場したシェーン・パットン隊員の言葉だ。この言葉は、イノベーションと起業家精神にもよく当てはまる。新しい製品に ...