Brianna Wiest

I share how to use your emotional intelligence

I am an author and editor who has published thousands of articles that have been read by millions of people throughout the world. I am a regular contributor to a variety of national publications and am the author of four books. I have traveled internationally as a reporter, and have worked as a copywriter for various Fortune 500 companies and non-profit mental health organizations, specifically focusing on mental health and wellness issues for young adults. I write mostly about emotional intelligence, well-being and self-empowerment, though I also dabble in poetry, news and local

  • 「より良い自分」を目指す人が自問自答すべき20のこと

    「いい人」であるというのは、どういうことだろうか?人間は何世紀にもわたって、この問題について議論してきた。だが、結論はいつも、普遍的に受け入れられる原則ではなく、一定の時期において合意される社会規範に基づくものにとどまってきた。それでも、いくつかの調査結果によれば、今年も新年の抱負として掲げた人が多 ...