Kyle Torpey

I've been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early 2014.

I'm a writer who has been following Bitcoin since 2011. I've worked all over the Bitcoin media space -- from being editor-in-chief at Inside Bitcoins to contributing to Bitcoin Magazine on a regular basis. My work has also been featured in Business Insider, VICE Motherboard, and many other financial and tech media outlets. I'm mostly interested in the use of Bitcoin for transactions that would be censored by the traditional financial system (think darknet markets and ransomware) in addition to the use of bitcoin as an unseizable, digital store of value. Altcoins, appcoins, and ICOs don't make much sense to me. Find my daily Bitcoin newsletter, YouTube show, and podcast at Disclosure: I hold some bitcoin.

  • ビットコインに批判的なビル・ゲイツ、主張が「的外れ」な理由

    マイクロソフトの創業者ビル・ゲイツは2月27日、ソーシャルニュースサイト、レディットの「AMA(Ask Me Anything、何でも聞いて)」のコーナーで、ビットコインやイニシャル・コイン・オファリング(ICO)、仮想通貨全般に関する自身の考えを述べた。ゲイツは過去にもビットコインについて何度か自 ...