Toby Shapshak

Toby Shapshak |Contributor

I write about how innovation is better in Africa. I define innovation as solving problems, like the real problems we have in Africa. And solving those problems, solves them for the rest of the world. Africa isn’t just mobile-first, it’s mobile-only. I spoke about this at TED in June 2013 (; and have spoken at various conferences, including SxSW in Austin (thrice), Intel’s IDF in San Francisco, and The Guardian's Activate: Johannesburg. I'm the editor-in-chief and publisher of Stuff magazine and write a weekly column for the Financial Mail, both in South Africa. I co-hosting a weekly TV show on CNBC Africa for the past three years. As a reporter I shadowed Nelson Mandela when he was president, and covered the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I’ve been writing about innovation, telecoms and the internet and the impact it has on our lives for more than 18 years, for a variety of publications, including CNN, The Guardian (London), Sunday Times and The Times (South Africa)

I write about how innovation is better in Africa.